Subscribers to the group and public (VK Suite)

Subscribers to the group and public (VK Suite)

3900 RUB

Price per action 3.9 RUB (1000 items = 3900 RUB)

Subscribers to your community with ads from Russia. The order will be considered completed when the number of subscribers you ordered will be added to your community, with the specified place of residence from Russia. The audience is very active, mostly interested in entertainment topics. There are no offer subscriptions, bots or fakes (no dogs or write-offs). Only subscribers to a group or public from advertising, with a lifetime warranty.

In our service, a service is available for ordering subscribers with ads from all countries. We accept the promotion of the group and public pages of all subjects:

  • Nature and travel
  • Sports and health
  • Male
  • Entertainments
  • Female
  • Business
  • Dating and communication
  • Family and home
  • Rest
  • Art, design
  • Literature and poetry
  • Science and education
  • Technology and IT
  • Society
  • Philosophy and esotericism
  • Products and services
  • Media, advertising and PR
  • Regional
  • Fashion
  • Humor
  • Youth

Promotion of groups and public sites is fully guaranteed. Moderation of each order is no more than 1 business day. Monitoring of the order execution status is available in your personal account. The service specialists check each order, and subscribers are added only by their own decision. No forced subscriptions, no paid subscriptions.

Are accepted to promote the community of all topics, except for erotica and other topics prohibited by the rules of Vkontakte and our service. By if you have any questions, you can contact the service's customer support. If necessary, you can get VK subscribers at low prices on our SMM site.

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