Subscribers to the group and public (VK premium)

Subscribers to the group and public (VK premium)

1490 RUB

Price per action 1.49 RUB (1000 items = 1490 RUB)

Attracting live subscribers to a public page, group, or meeting on the Vkontakte social network. It is forbidden to change the name address of your group / page or its name during the order execution. Active subscribers on the premium VK tariff, orders start working with manual verification. If you write off subscribers, write to the support service to restore them.

If you have a public page with a General or narrow theme, this service is especially for you. Attracting an active, live audience. Subscribers are not written off, the average rate of adding up to 500 people per day. High-quality subscribers with minimal presence of dogs will be added to your community. The quality of the target audience and the accuracy of the target audience increases with large orders.

We guarantee that the audience will be extremely lively and active, without bots and with a minimum number of dogs. When ordering from 20,000 subscribers, you get a bonus of + 10% to your order for free! For a successful start of the order in the group / page should be added more than 20 entries on behalf of the community, as well as if it is a group-it must be opened.

You will see the first results of our work in the first hours of promotion. It will be expressed in new target subscribers, likes, and sometimes comments from users who have subscribed to You. Our clients receive their first requests in the first week of promotion!

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