Tell your friends VK (premium reposts+)

Tell your friends VK (premium reposts+)

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As you know, the best way to convey information to people is word of mouth. And oddly enough, in the age of information technology, this principle has not lost its relevance, but has become one of the main principles of marketing. Tell your friends about an entry, photo, or video (active CA accounts). The order completion time from the moment of payment may vary by several days depending on the order volume. 

Most likely, every person who has used social networks at least a little, familiar requests from friends to share some of their record, one way or another important for them. This can be an announcement about an event, a fundraiser for a particular good cause, an announcement about providing some services or finding an apartment. These requests are not accidental: people understand that each repost increases their chance to find what they are looking for, attract participants to an event they are organizing, or draw attention to a problem.

When ordering promotion of Vkontakte through reposts of your posts it will appear in the news feeds of each user who publishes it on their page. This means that all his friends will also be able to see him. Thus, when you order this method of promotion, you get an audience that is at least several times higher than the number of reposts you ordered. 

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