Vkontakte gold promotion

Vkontakte gold promotion

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Social network Vkontakte is consistently in the TOP 10 of all sites visited by residents of the former Soviet Union. If we talk about similar resources, it is in the first place in popularity in certain age groups. Every day, millions of people log in to your account to chat with friends and family, play games, read news and your favorite public.

Such high traffic automatically led to the updating of the issue of creating your own group or account in the social network href="https://smoservice.media/vkontakte/vkontakte-media-piar/ " > Vkontakte to promote> your own services, increase sales and improve communication with customers. At the same time, fast indexing of pages in the social network contributes to the promotion of the company's main site or online store, so a huge number of companies have their own public pages, using them to attract customers, improve their reputation in the market, and this is a necessary condition for long-term profitable work.

List of thematic groups in Vkontakte a huge variety even in similar themes and focused on small cities. Against this background, it is important to be in the first place in the search results of a social network in order to attract a large number of visitors. They must then be retained by posting high-quality information that must be updated regularly. The last point falls solely on the authors of the group's content, and promotion and promotion can be entrusted to specialists from our company. This option is much more convenient, because there is no need engage in recruitment and inflate the staff, which for small and medium-sized companies is quite critical from the point of view of Finance.

That implies the promotion of public pages in VK

In General, promotion involves improving the ranking of a page or public when the user enters keywords. To do this, you need to perform internal optimization and show the robots high quality content. The specialists of our company can do this.

We specialize in promoting groups and communities, personal accounts in all major social networks, and Vkontakte is one of the first places here. To simplify the choice of customers, special tariff plans were developed that differ in the set of features and cost. This will make it easier for each client to navigate the offers and choose a specific option based on their own budget and current market situation. For example, if there is no high demand for objective reasons, you can switch to a cheaper plan, and on the eve of the season, it is necessary to increase spending on Internet marketing, increasing the number of clicks and the number of potential customers.

Why choose a Gold tariff plan?

Gold-promotion — a comprehensive basic plan for promoting a page in a social network. It is suitable for both new communities and public sites, as well as those that already have their own specific audience. By default, it provides the following actions:

  • growth in the number of subscribers with guarantee;
  • increased probability of getting a public into social network trends;
  • hundreds of likes for new and previously published posts;
  • daily gradual growth of activity on pages due to user visits and actual views of posts;
  • development in the social sector (repost VK, likes, posts);
  • activation of user actions on the day of the launch of a new product or promotion announcement.

All this ensures growth user characteristics of a page or group, which is a necessary condition for improving ranking, increasing actual users and visitors, the number of orders, and other targeted actions. Over time, this process becomes self-sustaining, provided that the owner of a public or personal social network page continues to regularly post high-quality content. The last point is very important for the long-term existence of the community in the social network, as there is a risk for long-term during breaks, you can worsen your rating performance and fall in the output when ranking thematic public posts.

Why choose Gold promotion?

To promote a group in the social network Vkontakte, the client may well have a desire to save money and choose a cheaper tariff. Our company offers a similar opportunity in the framework of Premium promotion. It gives a solid savings compared to the Gold tariff, but in practice the latter is much more profitable for the following reasons:

  • accelerated launch promotion to work (growth of indicators will occur no later than 24 hours after payment, which is important for businesses with clearly expressed high seasonal demand);
  • improved quality of offers, which requires additional costs for their collection, payment of labor;
  • increased user activity, which is gradually increasing.

The use of Gold promotion gives significantly better results compared to the basic premium, so with active sales growth, additional costs quickly pay.

Another advantage of this method of promotion will be the use of mostly real offers, which reduces the probability of sanctions from the social network on the promoted public to almost zero. If we add to this the extensive experience of our specialists, the probability of adverse consequences is zero.

Why should we entrust the promotion in VK to us?

Our company specializes in promotion in social networks, and Vkontakte occupies one of the main places due to its popularity among the residents of Russia. Trusting promotion within the Gold tariff (as well as any other), you get:

  • high quality of services based on our long-term experience and thousands of successful projects;
  • adequate price;
  • constant consultations of specialists on content optimization, placement and other issues;
  • various payment methods, starting with a non-cash transfer and ending with cryptocurrencies;
  • individual approach to each client.

We are aware that our services are not at the lowest level in the market, but we strive to provide each client with a result in a reasonable time and without the risk of sanctions from the social network. Otherwise, there is a possibility of losing all funds and the group, which will lead to a waste of money and loss of time. The latter is practiced by the administration of the social network very often, since the option of advertising using its services is officially offered. Their use without the use of indirect options is not very effective. for the following reasons:

  • high cost of advertising, which is available only to large brands and companies that have millions of rubles a month to promote products and services;
  • temporary effect that disappears immediately after the end of the ad campaign.

In practice, even large companies place ads on the social network Vkontakte simultaneously with the promotion. In this case, the first one is used for mass informing users about any promotions and news, or launching a new project. Traditional promotion is necessary for organic growth of the number of loyal customers and users who will be potential regular customers.

At the same time, we can guarantee the success of Gold promotion. This is confirmed by our currently promoted groups, among which there are publics for a million or more users who are in The top in popularity, bypassing competitors. Our practice also shows that even if the tariff plan for gold promotion stops, and we will stop if it works, the positive effect will be maintained for several months due to the old base, which will give additional sales. If we continue to promote, the result will accumulate, and this is a significant revenue from the sale of goods and services to users.

How do we work?

If you need additional information about promotion in the Vkontakte social network, please contact us in a convenient way. We are ready to provide initial consultation, examples of successfully promoted public sites, and other information. We also always welcome partners who can count on a solid discount of 20% of the fare amount.

After agreeing on the first questions, studying your public and receiving a prepayment, we perform the following actions:

  • forming a strategy for promoting the group in the social network;
  • selecting a pool of offers to achieve the desired result;
  • launch the promotion in the work.

It takes us a long time to resolve issues about a day, regardless of the day of the week, so very soon you will get a great result and the first attracted real users. All this will pay for the initial expenses for Gold promotion, and will give an influx of potential customers. It will be enough for you to publish high-quality content, offer customers an adequate price for the product and correctly position it, and guarantee high quality of services. This combination of your advantages with our experience and knowledge will ensure you a good sales volume and growth profit, which will more than recoup the cost of Gold promotion, forcing you to think about the possibility of switching to a more "heavy" tariff.

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