Video views (quick start)

Video views (quick start)

20 RUB

Price per action 0.08 RUB (250 items = 20 RUB)

All views come from the real pages of users of the social network. The service of geting Vkontakte views is safe, but it takes a long time. With this service, you can increase the view count only in Vkontakte (the number of views in YouTube will not change). It is recommended that you order no more than 3000 views at a time.

This service allows you to wind up the counter of video views on the Vkontakte site. Geting views on a video only works if the video itself is opened via third-party player (YouTube player and similar), videos uploaded directly to Vkontakte - this service does not work.

To get a link to an object, open the video and copy its url from the browser. This service is subject to discounts according to your tariff plan. If you specify a link to a record rather than a video, the views will be added to the record.

The maximum order volume and speed of execution are not limited to the available volume of accounts! With very intense geting over time, part views may stop being counted, in this case you need to pause for 4-8 hours!

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