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What is a YouTube video preview

Creating high-quality video content is only half the battle. In order for the videos to become popular on YouTube, you will have to work a little more. One of the tools for promoting video on the platform is the preview - a picture, which is a kind of cover for the video. It is the preview that users see before they click on the video itself.

An interesting, enticing preview for a YouTube video is one of the most important promotion tools. If the picture could please the user, he will click on it to start watching the video. Conversely, if there is nothing interesting in the preview, the user will turn his attention to competitors.

What are YouTube video tags

Tags are keywords by which users can find content of interest to them. They exist on many social networks, but tags for YouTube videos are a special case.

Movie creators add keywords to their video descriptions, but the tags are not visible to the public. Platform administrators say keywords aren’t the most important when promoting YouTube videos.

We know very well that this is not so. Tags is a convenient tool that allows users to find videos they’d like. That is why the most successful video bloggers carefully prescribe keywords for their content. They add whole pages of tags.

Download preview from YouTube video

SMOService offers a convenient tool for downloading previews from YouTube videos. In order to save the picture, you just need to copy the link to the video in a special line and click on the "Get" button. After that, you will see the finished picture, and you just have to click on it to save it to the memory of your computer or phone.

On this page, you can quickly download previews from YouTube videos. We transform covers into pictures of the highest possible quality. They can be used to promote videos on the Internet. File quality allows users to easily view what is shown in the original preview.

Download tags from YouTube video

On this page you can download tags for YouTube videos. To do this, just insert the link to the video in a special line and click the "Get" button. After clicking, you can see all the hidden tags that are present in the description of the video you are interested in.

Downloading tags to YouTube videos is a convenient way to analyze competitors. Find out what keywords they use to follow YouTube trends. Analyze which tags can be applied to your videos. Copy the test result to paste keywords in the description of your video. It’s tiresome to write hashtags in the description of each video. Simplify your task by downloading tags for viral YouTube videos similar to your theme. Properly selected keywords guarantee your video additional views.