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Subscribing is a business decision. What does our company offer? First of all, we are talking about the effective promotion of personalities, artists, bloggers, and commercial pages. Subscription promotion in social networks is one of the most effective promotion tools without cheating and reciprocal subscriptions.

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SMM glider without cheat and mutual subscriptions
Automatic order and service packages
What do we offer?

Automatic order and service packages

You specify the necessary parameters, including quantitative. Depending on which platform we work with, we provide a choice of available options. This helps to save on the ordered services, because with us you only pay for the audience that is targeted for you. We have developed a discount system that helps to save money on people who constantly order services. The longer you stay with us, the cheaper the promotion services for you.

We guarantee that you will receive the services for which you paid. And if you're lucky, then even more! You can use your referral link, which is provided free of charge, to attract other customers to the company and receive passive income for this. Detailed reports are displayed automatically on the services ordered.

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Promotion and promotion in social networks without bots!

Auto Order

Subscribing to an automatic order allows you to receive only the best SMM promotion services always!

Instagram verification

Verifying your Instagram profile with a guarantee of getting a checkmark for any public Instagram profile.

Turnkey Promotion

Promotion of a page on premium social networks. Top quality SMM guarantee!

Glider benefits

Why choose automatic order?


No one-time zazaz.


Regular bonuses.


Only the best services.


Detailed information.

Discount system

Subscription is always cheaper.

Turnkey Promotion

Only live subscribers.

Frequently asked Questions

Services help get a tick?
True, a profile with high live activity often receives a blue checkmark on a social network.
Additional questions

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