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Getting a checkmark on your profile on Instagram will make your profile more powerful and distinguish it from thousands of others! Guaranteed verification of the page, with the writing of Wikipedia and articles in the media.

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Verification helps in promotion

Verification helps in promotion
After verifying your account, your profile stands out among all users of the social network.
  • Appears in user recommendations.
  • Priority in search results.
  • Increased activity in the profile.
  • More often random people subscribe.
  • Increasing demand and price for advertising.
  • Exclusive offers from brands.
  • Guaranteed recovery upon breaking.

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Profile Verification

Verification of the profile for compliance with all requirements for verification of the profile.

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Receiving a checkmark is guaranteed within 30 days from the date of application.

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Verification cost?
The cost of verifying your account (getting a checkmark) on Instagram with a guarantee is $ 4,500 or ± 300,000 rubles.

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To quickly get a checkmark on Instagram, it is recommended to have a published Wikipedia article.

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Instagram profile verification

# Checkmark Instagram profile verification?

A check mark confirms the identity of the user. This is a way to verify your account. But such marks are assigned only to famous people, and users with a small number of followers before it was impossible to get a tick.

  • Guaranteed receipt of a checkmark on Instagram for 30 days
  • Full support until receipt of a tick
  • Account Privacy and Security
All are welcomed by our team of SMM specialists! The question is what we are doing and what we can offer interesting to others. It's time to clear things up! We’ll have to come back to business for the good of 2014. During this period, Instagram was advancing with confident steps through the Internet spaces of the CIS countries. Our task at that time was to profile followers and likes. We rolled up 50 thousand subscribers a day with ease. The strategy of constructing simple algorithms in the study of CA was used. There were times! After all, accounts of this kind are now sent to the ban with the speed of sound. Promotion, promotion, and questions about the acquisition of the coveted checkmark did begin to arrive!
What is a checkmark for an Instagram user? We are talking about his verified account, which must be noted for official confirmation of identity. What is not a topic for reflection for a creative team? The hunt for the necessary information has begun. And then we found out that at that moment “units” from the clan of celebrities could boast of a “tick”. A simple user with hundreds and thousands of subscribers could not receive such a trophy. What could we do? The end of 2016 launched the mechanism of our trial and error. We were not mistaken, and currently 130 accounts with a “tick” in our track record are available. Half of them received it in 2018.
You may ask, what about the rumors about the “tick” on Instagram? Take for example the year 2019 when non-advanced bloggers, photographers and authors have almost zero chance of passing verification. After all, many believe the same? But do not you think that the myth is created by the unfortunate craftsmen without the treasured blue “tick”? To justify their failure, they begin to inspire readers of the blog as a cruel and unfair world. And you try to use our tactics, and immediately understand all the untruths heard. Is it safe? Would you be a victim of blackmail? No and no again! And we’ll give a thousand if you find people with a lot of experience getting a “tick”.
According to our algorithm, for YOUR account in 90% there is a hope to gain the coveted status. Destroy all the media sign myths on Instagram! The number of subscribers should not rise to heaven to receive it. Is the “tick” worth such increased attention to itself with the obvious absence of any functions? Do you really want to get into TOP Instagram? Indeed, the number of likes of such bloggers is definitely worthy of respect. Take a look at the screenshots that dispel all doubts. Hooked? Then contact our manager for a consultation!