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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that you can use to promote your online business. We will write an article about you or your business, post a publication on Wikipedia with a 180-day guarantee.

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We will write an article for the Wikipedia encyclopedic site - as detailed and voluminous as possible! You will need detailed information about the subject of the article (person or company), the more information you provide, the better.

Our editors write an article, after making an article under the federal media, to create reinforced sources. We are writing a Wikipedia article in English and Russian. We write and post an article within a month!

Guaranteed article posting

Media publications about the subject of your article

Professional editors and journalists

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We have been working since 2013 throughout Russia and the CIS!

Expert approach

Materials and articles are being prepared by professional editors and journalists.

Personal brand

A Wikipedia article is required to promote a personal brand and company.

Turnkey work

Do you have few media references? We will do everything and think over for you on a turn-key basis!

Payment Methods

Merchant certificate WebMoney. Identified account Yandex and QIWI.

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Writing and posting a Wikipedia article

Base rate

An ideal tariff for popular media people and companies well-known throughout the country. Is your personal brand or your company already known to everyone? We will write an article about you or your company and post it on Wikipedia for you with a guarantee! The material that the media wrote about you must be unique.

  • Article Creation
  • Image creation
  • Article posting
  • Placement in the media
  • Article Validation
  • Wiki Mentions
  • Personal manager
  • Administration contacts
Extended rate

It is necessary for those about whom there are no references in 10 authoritative media sources! We are writing an article on Wikipedia, creating the image and thinking it through to the smallest detail. You get an image with references to authoritative sources and the media. Guaranteed writing and posting article!

  • Article Creation
  • Image creation
  • Article posting
  • Placement in the media
  • Article Validation
  • Wiki Mentions
  • Personal manager
  • Administration contacts

Special services

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What data is needed for the article?
The bigger, the better. We study the object of whom we write and do everything on a turn-key basis.
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