Automatic payments

In this public offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”) the following terms, capitalized, will have the following meanings:

  • # 1 Holder - an individual in whose name, by virtue of an agreement concluded between the indicated individual and a credit institution, and / or in whose name, on the instructions of a person who has concluded an agreement with a credit institution, a Card is issued.
  • # 2 Card - a payment (bank) card of one of the following types: MasterCard Worldwide (except for MasterCard Electronic Cards), Visa International (except for Visa Electron Cards), American Express, Diners Club International, JCB International.
  • # 3 Offer - an offer by the Organization to Holders to enter into an Agreement.
  • # 4 Website - Organization’s website on the Internet.
  • # 5 Agreement - an agreement between the Organization and the Holder concluded by acceptance by the Holder of the Offer, the terms of which are contained in the Offer.

The offer is a proposal (public offer) of the Organization to the Holders to conclude an Agreement with the Organization. The subject of the Agreement is the implementation without the participation of the Holder at predetermined time intervals in the Agreement for banking operations using the Card issued to the Holder (hereinafter referred to as “Operations”). The parameters of such Operations are defined in the section "Parameters for performing operations" of the Offer. Operations shall be operations to pay for goods, work or services provided, performed or provided by the Organization to the Holder during the entire term of the Agreement. At the same time, the time interval between two Operations may not exceed one year.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, acceptance (acceptance) by the Offer Holder is the completion by the Holder of the following actions:

  • # 1 Correct filling of all necessary fields in the block "Operation parameters" of the Offer on the Site;
  • # 2 Putting in a special field on the Website a mark confirming the Holder’s consent to the conditions set forth in the Offer;
  • # 3 Transfer, using the details of the Card on the Website to the bank that issued the Card of the Holder, of an order to conduct a Money Transfer Operation in favor of the Organization in the manner established by the Organization. Such a Transaction will be a confirmation of the acceptance (acceptance) of the Proposal by the Holder, provided that the bank issuing the Card of the Holder carries out such an operation;
  • # 4 The deadline for acceptance (acceptance) of the Offer has not been established. The Offer may be withdrawn by the Organization, and the Organization shall notify individuals of the withdrawal of the Offer by posting information about the withdrawal of the Offer on the Site.

By accepting the Proposal, the Client instructs the Organization, in accordance with the rules of the acquirer bank and taking into account the parameters specified in the “Parameters of the Transaction” column, to draw up all the documents necessary for the execution of the Transactions that will be performed in accordance with the Agreement and gives its unconditional consent to the preparation such documents.

The Holder has the right to terminate the Agreement concluded by acceptance (acceptance) of the Offer by such Holder by notifying the Organization of its termination by telephone of the Organization no later than one business day before the day from which the Agreement is terminated. The termination of the Agreement will be the cancellation of all Operations provided for by such Agreement, the implementation of which was to take place after the day of termination of the Agreement, determined in accordance with this paragraph.

By concluding an Agreement with the Organization on the basis of an accepted (accepted) Offer, the Holder thereby confirms that:

  • # 1 Agreement does not deprive the Holder of the rights usually granted under similar agreements;
  • # 2 agreement does not exclude or limit the liability of the Organization for breach of obligations;
  • # 3 Agreement does not contain other conditions that are clearly burdensome for the Holder, which the Holder, based on his reasonably understood interests, would not have accepted if the Holder had the opportunity to participate in their determination.

By concluding an Agreement with the Organization on the basis of the accepted (accepted) Offer, the Holder thereby, acting by his own will and in his interests, gives the Organization his informed consent to the processing (including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing) , use, distribution, transfer (including cross-border transfer), depersonalization, blocking and destruction) of personal data of the Holder. Such consent is given:

  • # 1 In relation to any information relating to the Holder received from both the Holder and from third parties, including: last name, first name, middle name, data of an identity document, citizenship, email address, performance of the Holder’s obligations under the Agreement;
  • # 2 For the purpose of notifying (including through direct contacts with the Holder by means of communication, including mail, telephone, electronic communications, including SMS, fax, email and other communications) about Operations ; for the duration of the Agreement;
  • # 3 To process personal data in any way, including using automation tools (including software), and without using automation tools (using various tangible media, including paper).
  • 4 organization carries out the processing of the personal data of the Holder during the entire period of validity of the consent to their processing;
  • # 5 Organization has the right to unilaterally amend any provisions of this Offer by publishing the Offer in a new version on the Site, while the Holder is obliged to independently monitor such changes on the Site and bears the risk of negative consequences caused by non-compliance with this obligation. In case of amendments to this Offer, such amendments shall enter into force from the moment of their placement, unless a different deadline for the entry into force of the amendments is determined at such a placement.