Referral system How to make money?

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Our affiliate program offers you a high conversion in payments, payments of up to 35% of each client payment, and a wide target audience. Copy and send the referral link to friends. You will receive up to 35% of each order of the user who registered using your link.

Start earning

High conversion of payment on the site for each service

Payments up to 35% of each direct customer payment

A wide and limitless target audience for referrals

Make money easy

Instant start

From start to earnings - 1 click

Weekly Payments

Affiliate Loyalty Program

Withdraw funds via Yandex.Money

Bank Cards and Bank Transfer

Quickly resolve issues

Technical Support 24/7

We do customer retention ourselves

You just have to invite them

Ways to make money

Who are our users?

Each user has a page on the social network, which means that each user would like to have more likes and subscribers. Our potential client is every Internet user.

Write an article about our site on a blog, start promoting your link through contextual advertising, post a link on thematic resources, add a project to an affiliate network, share a link on social networks or just resell our services if you are an SMM specialist or represent an SMM agency.


Small business


SMM managers



Average user check


Payment Conversion


Monthly average customer activity


The average earnings of a partner per month

1 810 000

Earnings TOP 20 partners per month

Referral Program Rules

It is strictly forbidden to send SPAM (to personal messages of social networks, in groups and communities of partner stores, in email newsletters, etc.) to attract users.

Any creation of mobile applications, extensions and groups on social networks on behalf of the service and using the company logo is strictly prohibited. This also applies to pulling pages from our site inside applications.

It is strictly forbidden to use the brand name SMOService and partner stores in the domain names of sites created to attract traffic through the PP.

How much do our partners earn

1 100 r

Average check


25% of actual payments


Months from the first payment

3 300 r

This is only from 1 client


Clients attracted for the year

2 257 200 r

Partner Profit for the Year

SMOService - дешевый, простой и качественный сервис для СММ продвижения

  • Write Smoservice review articles and post them on your blog.
  • Write feature articles about Instagram, Smm, Digital media, etc. natively embedding service information in them with a referral link to Smoservice.
  • There is no blog of your own, but write articles well - post them in free media.

Once created an article - get a constant profit from the affiliate program.

  • Create and customize advertising campaigns using your referral link.
  • Display advertising also works great, use ready-made marketing materials in your advertising campaigns and attract customers.

A well-tuned RK will generate steady income

  • If you have a website, a social network page or just a personal blog dedicated to SMM or Instagram - promote Smoservice in it.
  • Do email newsletters on your own databases.

Generate even more income from your audience!

  • You have your own partner resource - promote Smiservice in it.
  • You have partner sites - place banners on them and get constant traffic, and we will provide ready-made marketing materials.

Get even more profit from traffic!

  • Guide your customers to Smoservice.
  • Advertise Smoservice to your customers.

Your customers will benefit, and you will receive additional income.

  • Do text and video reviews, post on social networks.
  • Recommend the service to your friends with a referral link.
  • Write reviews and your opinion on Smoservice on popular reviewers.

Even personal social networks can give great results! And popular otzovniks will give even greater reach and profit!