VIP promotion Instagram

VIP promotion Instagram

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Price per action 649990 RUB (1 items = 649990 RUB)

VIP promotion tariff is an effective tool that will provide you with a fast promotion of your Instagram profile with a stable result. The key goal is to get a million-strong audience with the prospect of continuous growth.

During the VIP promotion tariff period, we are actively working on all posts — both those that have already been published and new ones that are published directly during the collaboration.

Audience coverage

This parameter determines the audience coverage and features of working with it. 100% coverage — this is an ideal that is currently impossible to achieve due to the peculiarities of the development of Instagram. But it is necessary to strive for it, and this is what promotion is all about. Priority promotion for those who are interested in instagram subscribers from Moscow, the target audience.

When promoting, you can set the priority:

  • optimal,
  • quality,
  • quantity.

The optimal coverage is 40-60 %, the ratio in priorities is quality and the number will vary depending on the specifics of the business and the audience.

A significant part of optimal coverage is natural coverage: publications are seen directly by your audience, existing subscribers who are interested in you and your content. With the purchase of the VIP promotion tariff, this audience will grow very quickly.

If quality is the priority, your posts will be shown to people who have previously seen your posts, put likes/left them comments.

If the priority is quantity, we throw all our efforts at maximum audience coverage using all existing tools.

Who needs it

VIP promotion tariff is the best option for businesses, ambitious bloggers and other large projects that need to quickly reach high results. This is especially important for those who plan to make their Instagram profile a source of income.

Even if you have cool content, getting at least 1 million subscribers is very easy a complex task that will take a long time to complete, and there is no guarantee that the goal will be achieved. Yes, there are examples of rapid growth of "ordinary" people and simple beginnings in Instagram — they are heard, but this is a typical "survivor's mistake": lucky units, while thousands of attempts fail (we just do not know about it).

It is very dangerous to focus on such examples, because it is impossible to" catch a wave " by order: this is either exceptional luck, or a well-thought-out strategy for promotion with the help of professionals. This is what you will get when you purchase the VIP promotion tariff-instant growth and development of your instagram profile with guaranteed results.

Full immersion in your subject or business

When developing a promotion strategy, we take into account the specifics of your profile in order to accurately get into the audience and attract the maximum number of people who are exactly interested in your subject.

The result of our work will be a core of subscribers loyal to you and your product. They won't go anywhere even after the tariff will expire. This approach will provide you with a steady interest of an active audience, without random people.

Useful advice: evaluate your niche sensibly and create a portrait of the audience (the ideal buyer) in as much detail as possible — this will help ensure accurate coverage.

When does the result appear and how long does it persist

The first results will be visible in the first day, and they will grow every day. During the period of cooperation, while the tariff is valid, you get a permanent one, steady growth on all " fronts — - increasing likes, views, and subscribers.

When the tariff expires, you still have all the achievements-a promoted account, hundreds of thousands of new subscribers, and clear instructions for maintaining and improving the result.

The promotion strategy implemented under the VIP promotion tariff is a long-term one. That is, its results are saved almost FOREVER, and it will be very easy for you to maintain the set pace of development.

Depending on the features we will recommend you the optimal combination of tariffs for further promotion — perhaps it will not only be VIP.  In any case, you will receive a 20% discount on VIP promotion for all subsequent orders (after the first month).

Absolute naturalness is only an author's content

We know that in promoting sites and accounts in social networks, many "promoters" insist on creating abundant content-supposedly this is necessary for indexing in search engines. As a result, the author's profile is "inflated", in it appears a lot of information that is not of interest to real subscribers.

We work differently: it's not our policy to dictate what should be in your Instagram profile. If you decide that the content should be like this, then there are reasons for it. We just take what we have and "squeeze" the most out of it, using all the methods of promotion.

If you have any doubts about the content, we will analyze it and help you adjust it to reach the desired image.

In General, our work it is aimed at promoting the Instagram profile as it already exists-we will not require a drastic change in Order to get the expected results. Our goal is to promote the profile using all available tools, without changing its content.

How we work

Most of the work is done manually. These are only" white " promotion methods that will not fall under the sanctions of Instagram. No bots or other "dead souls" — everything is extremely transparent and natural.

We we guarantee that the result of our work will be the growth of the profile in all senses, without negative consequences.

The VIP Instagram tariff plan includes:

Working with photos

  • We will work out and promote photos in trends by tags;
  • provide thousands of likes for new and previously published posts;
  • we will provide activity in comments from users to all posts;
  • we will ensure that posts (videos and photos) are added to the save bookmarks.

Work with video

  • We will work and let's promote the video to trends by tags;
  • videos will get high-quality, targeted views;
  • your videos will be posted in popular social networks and will get mentions in the media;
  • videos will be actively reposted by real users of social networks;
  • videos with your content will be placed in thematic public places;
  • links to your videos will appear in top video bloggers;
  • your video posts will be actively added to bookmarks-saves;
  • will be actively promoted href="https://smoservice.instagram/instagram-igtv/ " > IGTV> (vertical long) videos, if any.


  • Add subscribers by criteria using ads;
  • let's maximize the probability of getting posts into trends;
  • let's maximize the probability of getting posts in the recommended ones;
  • we will ensure user activity — getting likes, writing comments;
  • we will ensure that your profile is actively mentioned in user comments.

Such a complex this approach provides instant results that will be obvious in the first hours after the start.

In the first days of VIP promotion launch, activity will be very high, then it will drop a little — this is a natural process, this is how profiles develop at the formation stage.

The cost of promotion

The price of the service is 649,990. 00 rubles — - this is the cost of 1 month of promotion, which includes all the above works.

If you order more than 1 month of promotion, you get a 20% discount on each one next month. This will ensure maximum benefit with the ideal quality of work, which has already been tested in the first month of cooperation.

In the eyes of the average person who just uses social networks for communication and memcos, this price for promoting an Instagram profile may seem unreasonably high. It is really expensive to promote a regular page, but it is quite justified and very profitable for a business project.

In fact, for this price, you get a ready-made business. This can be a personal brand or an online store, service — anything. And the cost of promotion will pay off very quickly, much faster than using standard promotion methods (TV, radio, print media, etc.).

Instagram's audience is growing every year and even every month — now It is not just a social network, but also a very promising platform for business activities. With the VIP promotion rate you can make your profile a source of constant profit without bureaucratic delays and other issues legislative restriction.

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