IGTV comments-emoticons (emoji)

IGTV comments-emoticons (emoji)

1440 RUB

Price per action 1.44 RUB (1000 items = 1440 RUB)

Writing reviews of emoji (emoticons) under the video to Instagram. The service is similar in speed to the comments in Russian and comments in English for IGTV. Comments in the form of a smiley face are universal for most videos. Random MIX Emoji comments are published under your Instagram TV video.

A large number of new comments to the video significantly increases the interest of the audience who first visited your profile and viewed the IGTV video. Random comments from the shared database they are published under the video with a minimum interval for security. Comments remain for always and are not deleted after a while. A cumulative discount is available for the IGTV service with emoticons. To successfully launch an order and accept it by the system, the Instagram profile where the IGTV video is placed must be opened.

Comments that will contain random Emoji emoticons. This service is the most stable service for adding comments. Comments start being added almost immediately after registration and payment of your order, accounts are used with a common MIX database (may contain photos and avatars, and may be completely empty). For best performance, it is recommended that you place no more than 1 order at a time for 1 video with the same type of service.

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