Installing the APP on IOS (1000 downloads)

Installing the APP on IOS (1000 downloads)

68290 RUB

Price per action 68290 RUB (1 items = 68290 RUB)

Application development is a complex and financially costly task that requires the participation of specialized specialists in different fields. Even the most useful app will not be successful if it has no ratings or is poorly downloaded. We offer an iPhone app installation service that will help you promote any app.

How the service works

You need to click the "buy app installations" button and pay for the service. our service that works 24 hours a day will do the rest. After your app is launched, hundreds of subscribers who have been working with us for years will receive a new task. This task will contain a description with the required actions, namely installing the application in the app store. After completing the task, they will receive a small reward.

Important! We monitor the quality of each task, so we can guarantee that almost no one deletes the applications. If this happens, the task is issued again, to other people.

SMOSERVISE has been successful for more than 5 years it works on the Internet promotion market, so we can guarantee that all the people who downloaded your app will be real. You can choose your own region or several regions from which you will receive offers.

Bringing the app to the top: who needs it

Downloading and geting in the App Store is necessary for everyone who is engaged in promoting applications. Without the initial parameters in the application, it is almost impossible to promote it.

The main problem is that the user who navigates go to your app and read the description, see that no one is downloading it. And if there is no activity, the probability that there will be further downloads tends to zero. Having even 1000 downloads completely changes the picture in your direction.

Along with downloads, you will get ratings and comments, as some users will leave some opinion about the service that you are promoting. A similar service is provided when displaying iTunes or Yandex Music from media in the top tracks Agency smosservice. If you want, you can order an additional service, where part of the offers along with the download will write comments and put excellent ratings.

App Store promotion requires special attention to detail. Think in advance about which region you want to promote the app in. This can be a country or just 1 region. If you can't decide on your own, contact the SMOSERVISE specialist at the contacts listed on the site: he will help you and tell you how to run the campaign better development.

Important! The effect of the service will be visible only after 2.5-3 days. This is because the rating of apps on IOS can be updated up to 48 hours, so it will take time to see the results.

Why is it profitable to contact us

The company SMOSERVISE works with the promotion of various content on the Internet in 2013. During this time, we have not only acquired specialists and professional service, but also changed the market. We offer a perpetual guarantee. That is, once you order the service, you can request proof that it was completed 10 years later. This also applies to installing apps on your iPhone.

Other advantage:

  • Instant processing. Our service is fully automatic, as described in more detail in the database of our system. We can not fail to fulfill your order, as immediately after payment, it goes to work. Everything is set up so that we only control the work of the performers, but we ourselves take minimal part in the process.
  • Great reviews. For 6 years smoservise has received a huge number of reviews for its fruitful work. All reviews are left by real users, you can easily check it.
  • Verification. Our company has verified profiles on several freelance exchanges. We are not afraid to disclose the names of the company's managers, as we work completely openly.

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