TOP set (25,000 views, 300 likes and 150 reposts)

TOP set (25,000 views, 300 likes and 150 reposts)

5490 RUB

Price per action 5490 RUB (1 items = 5490 RUB)

Do you want your video to become popular? There is no longer any need to rely on the favor of YouTube's algorithms. Smosservice is the start of the promotion video. It includes 25,000 views, 300 likes, and 150 reposts. This is exactly what you need for a great start of the video.

25,000 views on YouTube

Twenty-five thousand is a solid figure. The absolute majority of videos uploaded to the video service do not reach this level. We offer to step over it overnight. All you need to do is order a package for promotion on YouTube from SMOService.

When ordering a package, you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Smosservice offers the following types of views:

  • Premium: offer and live views;
  • Premium+: live views;
  • Russian user views: live views from Russian users;
  • Views of U.S. consumers: real views from the American users.

To select one of the suggested types just click on the drop-down menu when ordering a package.

Each of the proposed options has a 100% eternal guarantee and reliable protection against write-offs of views. When you order the "Premium" option, you get a higher retention rate and a higher get rate. "Premium+" gives you access to high retention and high speed of scrolling views.

When ordering options with a geographical user filter, we offer increased retention and the maximum possible rate of geting.

Give it to your video chance to become really popular-order a promotion package on YouTube now!


The YouTube platform strictly applies to the ratio of likes and video views. In order not to arouse suspicion in the site's algorithm, it is necessary to demonstrate a certain number of user reactions.

The most common type of reaction is likes. A video with a large number of views must have a decent amount of approval from the audience.

That's why in we have included 300 likes for the YouTube video promotion package. This will allow you not to worry about ordering several services at once, and it will prevent YouTube from seeing something suspicious in the growth of your video's popularity.

When you order A 25,000-view YouTube promotion package, you get 300 likes for free.


Sharing a video in other social networks is taken into account by YouTube's internal algorithm. More reposts-higher position of the video in the ratings of the video service.

In a package with 25,000 views includes 150 video reposts in popular social networks such as Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

When you place an order for a promotion package on YouTube, you give your video a great start on video hosting.

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