Comments on the video (from CIS - slowly)

Comments on the video (from CIS - slowly)

798 RUB

Price per action 3.99 RUB (200 items = 798 RUB)

Live comments under the video. Comments are written by real users from their accounts, and the text of the comment is written independently. You can choose the type of comment: random (random text), positive (positive review of the video), negative (negative review of the video). Comments for the video are added by users from Russia, mostly comments with positive and laudatory content.

Some comments may end up in spam or require manual approval from the YouTube channel owner. The order may have an error of +/-10%. Consider these two factors (checking comments for spam and requiring moderation, as well as an error of +/-10%. We try to set a minimum price for services, so some services do not have a guarantee or it is equal to 48 hours, take these factors into account when making your orders. Up to 10 comments are added per day.

Orders with comments do not have manual moderation, they start working automatically. The speed of adding comments to videos is up to 10 per day on average. The commented video must not violate YouTube's rules and must be publicly available.

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1.17 rub. for 1 item

High speed, adding thousands of likes to comments on YouTube videos.

44 990 rub. for 1 item

A unique service for getting videos on the main page in the section-gaining popularity.

0.60 rub. for 1 item

Instant launch of the order, from 5 thousand to 5 thousand new views per day.

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Guaranteed high-quality views, with a hold of up to 1 minute per view.

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Economical rate of getting to the main page in the trends.

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Output the video to the home page by placing the video in social networks.