Subscribers to the group and public (VK by criteria)

Subscribers to the group and public (VK by criteria)

18980 RUB

Price per action 9.49 RUB (2000 items = 18980 RUB)

Available criteria are included in the service price. You can choose from the available criteria:
  • A country
  • Paul
  • Age
We recommend that you specify no more than 2 criteria to maintain a high rate of adding subscribers. If you don't necessarily need to add an audience based on criteria, use the standard option to add live subscribers from ads . At the time of adding subscribers, we recommend regularly posting posts on the community wall.

To start an order, there must be more than 20 entries on your community wall. This is a recommended option, since it is much more difficult and longer to add live, active subscribers from ads to an empty community without existing posts, photos, or video entries. By default, subscribers from Russian-speaking countries over the age of 16 are predominantly male.

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890 rub. for 1 item

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Subscribers from Vkontakte advertising, premium quality with an eternal guarantee.

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