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Merchant Certificate

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Our service has been operating since 2013. We are a registered company in the Russian Federation. Our accounts and e-wallets are verified, the service has many positive reviews from our customers. Here is just the main list of guarantees of our service.


Our site has thousands of reviews that you can view on our site. We have been working for more than 4 years and have proven themselves in the field of promotion and promotion of projects in social networks.


Our company has a verified profile on freelance sites with reviews. Verified social profiles and their own groups on social networks that are more than one year old.

Financial performance

Our main WMID WebMoney has a BL score of over 500+. We have a verified QIWI wallet, a professional Yandex Money account, a Payeer and PayPal business account.

Time guarantee

The site has been working successfully for several years. We know what you need and how to do it. We guarantee the confidentiality of your orders and the protection of personal information.

First service

Our service is one of the first automatic sites. We launched our resource - when services on social networks were provided only by means of direct orders via chat and mail. All your orders are processed instantly!

Verified by Guarantors

We conducted many transactions with the help of guarantors, including our official forum topics checked and insured by guarantors of large sites. Site domain checked by international Comodo system.
  • We have been working since 2013 and have proven themselves in the field of advertising.
  • Merchant certificate with high BL, Merchant certificate in the Z-Payment system.
  • An account has been identified in QIWI and YandexMoney systems.
  • Business account in the international PayPal payment system.
  • Our company has a physical address, an office in Moscow.
  • Over a million completed orders. Tens of thousands of reviews.
  • A detailed FAQ, where there are answers to all your questions.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of your order.
  • The owner of the service is a Russian legal entity.
  • Payments are made to the entrepreneurial account.
  • We work according to the user agreement .
  • We guarantee the complete implementation of each order.

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