Share a record (high-quality-slow)

Share a record (high-quality-slow)

60 RUB

Price per action 0.24 RUB (250 items = 60 RUB)

Order fast and high-quality reposts of records. Reposts are made on posts, topics, videos, or photos in Odnoklassniki. The record must be placed in the open group or profile and be publicly available to all users! The increased quality of the service is due to the source of execution (offers under the CPA system). Low speed, ensures the absence of sanctions.<br /><br />
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The post, photo or video must be open (if the post is in your profile - it must be open), if the post is in a group-it must be open and available for viewing to everyone, not just its members. The order goes into operation immediately, without delay.

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