Premium promotion Odnoklassniki

Premium promotion Odnoklassniki

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The Premium OK tariff plan is a comprehensive service for promoting communities and pages in Odnoklassniki. An exclusive package that will provide a rapid and at the same time natural increase in the number of subscribers, their activity and the attractiveness of your group for search algorithms. The tariff plan is ideal for anyone who values their time and wants to get the most results in the shortest possible time.

What you get

Rapid growth of the audience

The number of subscribers to the page or the number of community members increases every minute during the entire promotion period. You see how empty the group turns into a live, real demand of the public.

Snowball effect

Audience growth creates a "snowball" effect, in which a community or page instinctively arouses users ' interest. If thousands of people trust a group, it's worth subscribing to — that's what a potential community member thinks.

User apogee activities

Your posts are quoted and commented on, rated and recommended to friends. The community comes to life before our eyes — user activity reaches its apogee, the highest boiling point. The service will give you thousands of "classes" and responses under each post.

Decision of tasks

Do you want to get customers from social networks, increase brand awareness, or create a full-fledged business in Odnoklassniki? Whatever tasks you set for promotion, services within the tariff plan Premium OK will exceed your expectations. When ordering a package of services, you will get subscribers to the OK group only from the region you need.

Perfect marketing strategy

We develop and implement an individual marketing strategy based on the characteristics of the promoted community or page. This allows you to take into account all the nuances and achieve maximum efficiency of promotion.

Why is it so important to advance in Odnoklassniki»

Number of active the audience of this social network has long exceeded the mark of 50 million people. More than 70 % of them are solvent people aged 20-25 years. This is where the target audience of any business segment is located. Regardless of the topic of the community and the purpose of promotion, we guarantee the effectiveness of services.

5 key reasons to advance in Odnoklassniki»:

  1. Wide target audience for your business.
  2. Fight for your segment in the market with those present in the social network competitors.
  3. Unlimited prospects for attracting potential customers and buyers.
  4. The ability to create a business or profit-making community (information, entertainment) based on a social network.
  5. A powerful push to increase brand awareness (both personal and corporate).

Your main competitors are already in Odnoklassniki — you can't afford to lose the war for the multi-million target audience of This social network, which is open to your proposals'. We will help you create the perfect marketing concept and achieve the fastest results. we will take care of the complex promotion of your community or page.

The promotion of "turnkey" with the tariff plan Premium is OK

At the start, we will analyze the object of promotion, it can be any page or community in the social network "Odnoklassniki". During the dialogue, we will set goals and objectives, set deadlines, and provide maximum guarantees of quality services. Next, we will select the optimal ones tools for promotion in the development of a marketing strategy.

Within 36 hours of placing your order, we will direct all our efforts to promote your community. The results will be visible in a day, and every day they will become more and more obvious: the number of subscribers will begin to grow rapidly, user activity will be expressed on the page, it will be better ranked by search algorithms, it will attract natural attention and instinctive interest. audiences.

What is included in the Premium plan?:

  • developing a unique marketing strategy;
  • repeatedly increased activity in the first days of the project launch;
  • rapid growth of community members and page subscribers;
  • increasing the number of views of posts, photos, and videos;
  • increasing brand awareness — quoting it in thematic communities;
  • the increase in the activity of users voting questions, increasing the number of "likes" and ratings, comments and reposts.

And this is not all! We approach each client individually and develop unique promotion strategies. We use a maximum of professional resources and tools to implement the project. You can be sure that our specialists will "squeeze" the absolute maximum out of premium rate services.

Promotion results with Premium plan OK

During the entire period of community promotion both published and published posts, photos, and videos are promoted. In this case, you can choose one of three priorities: quality, quantity, or the best option, which is a "Golden mean" between these two parameters. The results of promotion within the Premium OK tariff plan are surprising and even shocking.

A manifold increase in audience

The number of page subscribers and community members is growing rapidly. You can conduct daily monitoring the state of the promoted object and watch the audience increase.

Maximum user activity

Pages and communities no longer look empty, lifeless, or uninteresting. Ratings, reposts, comments, detailed discussions and even discussions stimulate the natural growth of the audience and effectively present the object of promotion. Including classes on recordings and photos with videos.

The effect of natural promotions

No one will ever suspect a page or community of "artificial promotion". We attract an audience in the form of real, live people, stimulate their activity, take into account all the nuances of marketing in social networks.

Who will use the Premium plan?

We created this tariff plan for everyone who values their time and money. It is ideal for owners of pages and communities in Odnoklassniki who do not want to waste advertising budgets and want to squeeze out of them absolute maximum. The Premium OK tariff plan will be a real godsend for media personalities, politicians, business representatives, organizations and institutions.

It is ideal in situations where you want to get extremely high-quality services and effective "turnkey" promotion. We will take care of all the work on promoting communities and pages. The struggle with competitors for the target audience will no longer be your headache: we will make every effort and use the best professional tools for the fastest and the most effective promotion.

Premium OK — your direct benefit

Mistakes in choosing a promotion strategy can result in multi-million dollar losses. You "merge" one advertising budget after another without getting the desired result. The Premium OK tariff plan is a profitable investment that will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a comprehensive, professional turnkey promotion that takes into account the individual characteristics of the page or community.

What's your problem benefit:

  1. You get the maximum of professional services of high quality within a single package.
  2. Our experts squeeze the absolute maximum out of the budget, which guarantees a powerful promotion with an instant start.
  3. There are no additional payments, hidden fees and pitfalls in contracts — only high-quality services at a fixed price.
  4. Promotion in the framework of this tariff plan quickly pays off by achieving the set objectives.
  5. No need to waste resources we will provide maximum guarantees for constant monitoring and monitoring of the situation .

The Premium OK tariff plan is a high-quality and extremely effective promotion of pages, communities, posts, photos and videos in the Odnoklassniki social network. Moreover, it is a powerful tool for promoting a personal and corporate brand, attracting a target audience, and fighting competitors. Make a choice in favor of this tariff plan if you want to invest in the future of your community and want to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

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