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Партнерская программа Smoservice

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Earn up to 30% from each referral

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Who are our clients?

We work with different categories of clients and everyone can earn passive income.

Small businesses
Average customer's check on SmoService
Conversion to payment
15 months
On average a client stays with us
Average partner earnings per month
Total earnings of the top 20 partners per month

Why it is profitable to work with us

Income comes every day
No restrictions on withdrawal
You can withdraw to WMZ-purse
Clear earnings statistics
Stable passive income
Large selection of advertising materials

If your referrals attract new participants, you will receive income even from their transactions

How much our partners earn


Average check


25% of payments


Months from first payment


From one client


Clients referred for the year


Partner's profit for the year

How to increase passive income

  • Write Smoservice review articles and post them on your blog.
  • Write topical articles about Instagram, SMM, Digital media and more. Insert your referral link to Smoservice in them.
  • Write and post articles in free media if you don't have your own blog.

1 time you create an article and get constant profit from the affiliate program.

  • Create advertising campaigns and use referral link there .
  • Use ready-made marketing materials in your advertising campaigns and attract customers.

If you set up your advertising correctly, you will receive a stable passive income

  • If you have your own website, social media pages or personal blog on SMM or Instagram - promote Smoservice there
  • Do e-mail newsletters on your own bases

The income you get from the audience will increase

  • If there is an affiliate resource - promote Smoservice there..
  • If there are partner sites, place banners on them and get constant traffic. We can give ready-made marketing materials..

The income you get from traffic will increase.

  • Drive subscribers to Smoservice.
  • Promote to Smoservice subscribers.

Your audience will benefit, and you will get additional passive income.

  • Make text and video reviews of Smoservice and post them on social networks..
  • Recommend Smoservice to your friends and send them a referral link..
  • Write Smoservice reviews on popular review sites.

Referrals will be many times more and passive income will increase.

How to earn on SmoService affiliate program

High rates. Detailed statistics. Flexible conditions.

Register on Smoservice site
Go to the section "Affiliate" and accept the terms of the agreement
Your link
Get your referral link to attract customers
Send your referral link on all sites, websites and blogs to attract more referrals and increase your income.
Our partners have already earned more than $10,470
Passive income
Earn $3.2 from each referral and 200 rubles $2.15 for each renewal

Reviews from our clients ✌️


YouTube Blogger

I've used referral programs many times, but this one is the best! I earn money easily and quickly.



Smoservice is a great way to earn some extra money. I recommend it to anyone looking for a side gig.


Graphic Designer

I've referred a few friends through the affiliate program, and we all earn money together. It's fun and profitable!


Angelina SMM Specialist

The referral program is a great way to introduce the product or service to friends and acquaintances.



I'm very satisfied with the referral program. It's a great way to earn money and help my friends.


Content Manager

Thanks to Smoservice, I can embed my referral link in the content I create and receive passive income. It's convenient and requires no effort.



Not all referral programs work sensibly. I tried this one and I'm pleased. +1 income source))



I regularly use the referral link in advertising campaigns. The money I receive, I reinvest back into my product. Convenient and effortless.